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The Credits: "Senna"

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An unrivaled passion for the sport. A quick temper. Always on the edge, and often times over it. Maddening displays of stubbornness. Doing things nobody else could dream of. A talent, the likes of which has never been the seen before, and never to be seen again. I see so many parallels between Kobe Bryant and Formula One Racing's greatest driver in history, Ayrton Senna. Wherever they went, controversy followed. Characters that transcend the sport. Feats of success which lead you to shake your head and question their sanity. Something i realized when watching Senna was that legends are far from perfect. The flaws make them interesting, and get us talking. Our imaginations are on fire whenever their names are mentioned. Tragically, Senna was taken away right in his prime. Luckily for Kobe fans, we've been able to watch him play at the highest level for 16 seasons and counting. Here's to the legends of their sport, flawed and all, we adore them.

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