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Lakers-Cavs Open Thread

Here's something you might not've known: Mike Brown used to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yep... an obscure detail of history there. The announcers might bring it up once or twice during tonight's game, but only if they've got a crack research staff working for them. This information is not easy to turn up.

Josh McRoberts will play tonight after six games out, as will Troy Murphy and Jason Kapono. Steve Blake is out with a rib fracture. (Mmmm.... ribs.) The Cavs have no injuries of significance.

You must drink drink DRINK whenever someone mentions:

  • LeBron James,
  • How Dan Gilbert whined up a storm when Chris Paul almost got traded to the Lakers,
  • Anderson Varejao's "energy,"
  • Kyrie Irving's Rookie of the Year chances, or
  • That time last year when the Lakers beat the Cavs by 55 points.

No one belongs in this thread more than you.

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