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Tuesday Chatstravaganza: All Your Attenshons Are Belong 2 Teh NFL

Much as I love the NBA, there's no denying that the NFL is the rampaging T-Rex among American sports leagues. Even if hoops weren't in the midst of a soul-draining lockout, our attention this week would be focused on the return of pro football and its hostile takeover of our available leisure time. With that in mind, let's kick off the week (deep into the end zone, given the new rules) with some real talk about the gridiron.

Here are a dozen questions that come to mind, some or all of which you may choose to address in the comments....

1. Who's your favorite NFL team and player?
2. Who's your least favorite NFL team and player? (For moi, it's the Vikings and Jay Cutler.)
3. Name one team who made the playoffs last year that won't this year.
4. Name one team who missed the playoffs last year that'll make it this year.
5. Who's the NFL equivalent of Kobe Bryant?
6. Who's the NFL equivalent of Derek Fisher?
7. Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?
8. Who's gonna lose the Super Bowl?
9. The Eagles' regular-season wins... over or under 11½?
10. Who will start more regular-season games, Michael Vick or Peyton Manning?
11. Which will start first: the NBA regular season or the NFL playoffs?
12. Which Laker would stand the best chance of having a career in pro football?        

Feel free to throw out any others you'd like to bat around. Now tighten up your chin straps and run outta that tunnel!

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