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Slightly Off-Topic Chatstravaganza: The NFL's Return To Los Angeles


Hiya, gang. It's another sleepy day in Lakerdom, so I'm gonna use the down time to solicit your views on something. It's a topic that's slowly burbling to the surface of the L.A. sports scene, and since many of you live or grew up here in SoCal, I'm interested to get your thoughts on it.

How do you feel about the NFL returning to Los Angeles?

As you might be aware, the L.A. City Council is on the verge of approving a preliminary agreement with Anschutz Entertainment Group to build a new football stadium in downtown Los Angeles. The stadium would go right next to Staples Center, which is also owned by AEG. The project wouldn't go forward until there's a binding agreement with an NFL team to move to L.A., but if everything goes according to plan the Lakers could have new NFL neighbors by 2016.

As SoCal sports fans, are you super excited about this idea? Indifferent to it? Opposed? And does your opinion depend on which franchise would be moving to L.A.? The most likely candidates seem to be the Rams, Raiders, Vikings and Chargers.

Please chime in with your thoughts, and when you do let us know whether or not you're located here in SoCal. Everyone's views are welcome, of course, but I'm especially interested in how SoCal sports fans as a geographically specific group are thinking about this.

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