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Andrew Bynum Just Can't Stop Being Andrew Bynum

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Oh, Andrew. We just keep waiting for you to grow up. We're awaiting the day when you stop doing stupid shit that makes Laker fans roll their eyes and facepalm in unison. That day, apparently, is not today.

NBC4 in Los Angeles has filmed Andrew using a parking space for the handicapped to pick up his groceries. They tried to question him about it but he "slammed his car door and drove off without comment." Even though his knees explode every four months or so, Drew does not officially count as handicapped for parking purposes. NBC4 confirmed with the DMV that Drew has been issued neither a placard nor a special license plate that would permit him to use handicapped-reserved spots.

Is this the biggest crime in the world? Of course not. Tickets for violations run to $353. But it's stupid, flagrantly douchey and FUCKING ANNOYING. If you've ever walked by a handicapped spot occupied by a luxury vehicle without a placard - and it's ALWAYS a luxury car, like Drew's BMW - you're familiar with the urge to vandalize the paint job of the asshats who pull this crap. It's gratuitously antisocial behavior and suggests the driver thinks he's exempt from rules that apply to mere mortals.

(And there's a history in this town of sports figures making improper use of handicapped spots. In 1999, nineteen UCLA football players, including Cade McNown, were charged with illegally obtaining disabled-parking placards.)

So congrats, Andrew: you've given people more ammunition to question your maturity and judgment. Isn't there a soccer tournament you could be watching?

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