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Woj Wedgies Jim Buss For Mike Brown Hire

Immediately below, I put up a Fanshot link to Adrian Wojnarowski's new article about the Lakers' hiring of Mike Brown. Having now read it a couple times, I've giving it its own post. It's that good, and it's absolutely essential reading for Lakers fans struggling to understand how we got to this point. Most bracing is how Woj puts Jim Buss on full blast.

Though you should really consume the entire piece, here's the money quote:

Brown was an Eastern Conference coach. He's something else too: Jim Buss' way of pushing far from Phil Jackson, passing over longtime assistant Brian Shaw, and staking claim to his own guy. He's the insecure and largely incapable son of an iconic owner, the older brother of Jeannie Buss, the far more competent sibling to run the franchise.

Well, I definitely feel better after reading that.

Oh, and Woj has an update on Dwight Howard. He says the Lakers are Dwight's preference, but Jim Buss has made clear that Andrew Bynum is "untouchable in trade talks."

After all, Bynum was Jim Buss' discovery, his pet project and believes Bynum will ultimately resonate as the son's personal Lakers legacy.

For Jim's sake and ours, he'd better be right.

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