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Brian Shaw Now On Warriors' Radar


Yet another team is sniffing around Lakerdom, hoping to make off with our prize assistant/head-coach-in-waiting. The Times is reporting tonight that the Golden State Warriors have asked for and received permission from the Lakers to interview Brian Shaw for their head-coaching gig. No surprise that the Lakers granted permission, of course: they'd already done so for the Rockets, and even if they hadn't it's common professional courtesy. But the story does tell us that more teams are publicly pursuing Shaw, and the list now includes his hometown franchise.

Shaw is from Oakland, went to high school there and attended St. Mary's College before transferring to UC Santa Barbara. He still has an off-season home in Oakland Hills.

I suspect the Shawfather will soon start receiving formal offers, in which case the Lakers will need to make a quick fish-or-cut-bait decision. Would they continue negotiations with, say, Rick Adelman or Jeff Van Gundy if it meant losing Shaw? Or would they opt for the theoretically safer Plan B?

A guy can't wait around forever, you know.

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