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Lakers "Very Interested" In Adelman, Barnes Likely To Return

With exit interviews complete and the players and coaches scattering to the four winds, the Lakers' offseason unofficially began today with first drops from the coming rumorstorm. On the coaching front, Marc Stein and Dave McMenamin of ESPN report that the Lakers are "very interested" in Rick Adelman as a replacement for Phil Jackson.

[S]ources say Lakers officials are intrigued by the Adelman option, not only because of his history of success in Portland, Sacramento and Houston but also his reputation for thriving with veteran teams and the similarities between Adelman's "corner" offense and Jackson's "triangle" offense. Beyond Shaw and Adelman, sources said, L.A.'s list of potential targets is only just taking shape.

If you haven't already, and even if you have, I recommend reading C.A.'s detailed thoughts about Adelman and his suitability for the Lakers here.

On the roster front, Sam Amick reports that Matt Barnes is unlikely to opt out of his contract, which has one year left at $1.9 million.

No final decision, but he wants to try this Lakers thing again.

Not a huge surprise, this. It wasn't the greatest year for Matt, who never got on track after his knee injury in January, and it's doubtful he'd find a better deal on the open market. He can still be a very useful player, though, and at such a low salary the Lakers, I suspect, would be happy to have him back.

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