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Breaking Hearts In The Rose Garden

Game Seven of the 2000 Western Conference Finals is one of the most revered moments in recent Laker history. But equally important in that series was Game Three, which took place up in the Rose Garden on May 26 of that year. The Lakers had been blown out in Game Two at Staples and needed a road win to recapture home-court advantage. They got it, but just barely and not before falling behind 15 to 2. If you have 10 minutes to burn and want to get warmed up for the Lakers' return to Portland tonight, I recommend giving this highlight reel a spin. The boxscore from this game can be found heah.

A few fun moments to look out for:

4:25 - Enter the Shawfather.

5:22 - Blazers coach Mike Dunleavy, in reference to Phil Jackson: "He's probably chewing out Kobe for going on-on-one too much." You know, some things really never change.

5:33 - Check out Phil with the classic Zen Master facial hair.

6:31 - Chick.

10:09 - Scottie Pippen HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One of you nerds needs to whip up a .gif of that scene. I'm begging you.

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