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Pau Gasol Is Day-To-Day With Bone Bruise, Andrew Bynum Seems Fine

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The Lakers have updated the health status of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, both of whom left yesterday's game against the Denver Nuggets with knee injuries. An MRI has revealed a bone bruise in Pau's right knee. He did not practice with the team today, though he did lift weights, and he's listed as day to day. At this point, I hasten to remind everyone that in the Lakers' world, "day to day" means "we politely decline to predict when he'll return."

For what it's worth, this afternoon Pau did have this to say:

I feel actually a little better than I did last night, which is a good sign.... Just soreness and discomfort. Not a whole lot of pain.

The news on Bynum is even more encouraging. He was a full participant in today's practice and said that he's pain-free. Phil Jackson said that he'll start against Utah tomorrow night.

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