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If You Want Tickets, We Got Em. Or, At Least Our Friends at TiqIQ Do

Laker TiqIQ
Laker TiqIQ

Previewage of the next round match-up between your Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks is en route, but in the meantime, we're going to take this break in the action to bring you up to date on an important development on the business side of things here at Silver Screen and Roll. We got ourselves a ticketing partner, and we'd like to take the briefest of moments to introduce you. SSR, meet TiqIQ.

Across SB Nation's fine network of blogs, you can now purchase tickets to sporting events for the team of you choice. Just hit the brand new "Tickets" button at the far right of the banner, and you'll be whisked away to our new ticketing center where you can find a ridiculous wealth of information regarding ticket availability to upcoming games (In the future, it's possible that both home and away contests will be available, but for now, the home games are all we've got). And when I say wealth of information, I mean it. TiqIQ is basically a ticket aggregator. They search the internets far and wide for the ticket prices found on a variety of vendors, and break things down for you in informative and easy to understand ways.

The tools they roll with would make E-Trade's heart flutter. They've got your basics covered: Section maps, tickets available by section, prices, etc, but what makes this service straight up cool is all the other info provided about your potential purchase. Pricing graphs which show the history of ticket prices for each individual section, a display that shows the % mark up over a ticket's face value and how it compares to the market price for tickets in that section, TiqIQ lets you make informed purchases like you might pick a strong stock. You sure as hell ain't pointing at some random combination of tiny printed letters in the NasDaq and hoping to strike it rich. Let's face it, buying Lakers tickets is so expensive, it really is properly termed as an investment, and TiqIQ will help to ensure you get your money's worth.

Obviously, this stuff ain't free, and because we're talking about the most glamorous franchise in the league, in one of the wealthiest cities (or at least, containing one the largest upper-upper-upper classes) in the country, the tickets aren't cheap, either. Our partner stands to make money if you utilize their services, and we stand to pocket a small portion of those profits ourselves. That's commerce folks, and it's how the world works. When the rest of the world decides to give up currency and operate on a communal appreciate of everyone's societal contributions, we'll be the first in line to be willing to trade our services as a writer or analyst for a video game, some candy, and maybe a little papaya, but in the meantime, we're just letting you know that we now provide a new service. Whether you use said service is entirely up to you.

We won't pimp this too often, and when we do, it will usually be for good reason. In the future, TiqIQ may well help us set up events like an SSR trip to Staples, or we might throw up the occasional post or tweet to let you know of some awesome promotion, but otherwise, this partnership will remain in the background, there for you to use, but not forced upon you. If you think you'll find this obtrusive, feel free to let us know in the comments. We can also answer any questions you might have.

We now resume our previously scheduled programming, sans further usage of the Royal We.

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