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Lakers-Hornets Open Thread

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The regular season was, as usual, a long-ass slog. Remember The Biebs wearing Phil's ring? That was 173 days ago. Now the real fun starts.

This time of year, we always get a lot of new visitors, so let me extend a warm welcome to anyone who's just joining us. We're thrilled to have you! Our game threads have a few peculiar, though easy to observe, rules, so please take a moment to give them a quick read.

And with that, I present your first drinking-game triggers of the 2011 playoffs:

  • Any clip of Trevor Ariza or D.J. Mbenga from their Laker days,
  • Whenever someone mentions Phil Jackson's pending retirement,
  • Any close-up of Andrew Bynum's knee brace,
  • Any shot of David West in street clothes, or
  • "Chicken pox."

Can I get a WHAT WHAT.

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