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Lakers-Bobcats Open Thread

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Hola, threadsters. It's good to be rappin' at ya again. Fishmore's been away this week, driving his ass around the desert. I won't get into the details of my absence.... let's just say that when you're on the run from the law, it's not easy to stop and find a wireless connection.

Matt Barnes will return tonight, by the way. Devin Ebanks, unfortunately, is out at least three weeks with a stress fracture in his left tibia. Get well soon, Devin.

Let's all have a gulp of something tasty and alcoholic whenever someone mentions:

  • How the Bobcats are one of two NBA teams with an over-0.500 record against the Lakers,
  • The Lakers' upcoming road trip,
  • That Heat-Magic game last night,
  • The Gerald Wallace deal, or
  • How Kwame Brown was traded for Pau Gasol.

Tally ho.

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