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Report: Lakers, Nuggets Have Spoken About Possible Carmelo Anthony Deal

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Over at ESPN, Chris Broussard has a report, based on unnamed "league sources," to the effect that the Lakers and Denver Nuggets have had preliminary talks over a possible trade of Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony. Here, distilled for you into handy bullet points, are the key disclosures in the piece:

  • A straight-up swap of Bynum for Melo meets the CBA trade rules, but if there is a deal, there could be more players involved to allow Denver to shed additional salary.
  • Denver doesn't want Ron Artest and would not insist on Lamar Odom.
  • The Lakers would likely require Melo to sign a three-year, $65 million extension as a condition of the trade.
  • The Lakers' front office is divided about the wisdom of the proposed deal. Phil Jackson, according to one of the sources, would like to see how the rest of the Grammy trip unfolds before making such a dramatic move.

Insert obligatory finger-wagging about anonymously sourced trade rumors here.

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