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Lakers-Magic Open Thread

If the Lakers win today, I'm petitioning the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to have the Grammy Awards moved back a month.

Drinky a little drinky whenever someone mentions:

  • Dwight Howard maybe wanting to become a Laker,
  • The Magic's record against teams over 0.500,
  • How Hedo Turkoglu has been rejuvenated by his return to Orlando,
  • The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, or
  • Black Swan.

By the way, during one of my bizarro Ny-quil trips over the last couple days, I seriously had a dream about Brandon Bass getting traded to the Lakers. Conclusion: my dreams suck.

(That was a dream, right? Because if Brandon Bass really has been traded to the Lakers, I clearly have a lot to catch up on.)

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