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Knicks-Lakers Open Thread

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Hello kiddos!

The Lakers have faired pretty well in the second games of back-to-backs, and typically play well in New York. Especially Kobe. We might be in for a treat. Also, I hope the Knicks wear some '60-70's throwbacks like the Lakers and Celtics did last night. The game's on ESPN tonight, so no Joel and Stu. I wouldn't mind hearing Clyde the Glide and Mike Breen though. Instead, we get Breen, JVG, and Mark Jackson. Oh boy. Tonight should be fun anyhow.

Chug away at any mention of:

  • Anytime Amar'e is mentioned as an MVP candidate
  • Carmelo
  • Jeff Van Gundy says something hip-hoppy
  • Madison Square Garden is called the "Mecca of Basketball"
  • Spike Lee

Kill it if:

  • Kobe breaks his own MSG scoring record

Be good, have fun, stay safe...

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