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What's Going On?

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First, Woj tweets the Lakers traded Andrew Bynum and Lamar for Chris Paul. Then he runs a correction stating he meant Pau Gasol and not Bynum. Now, multiple sources are saying 3-team trade talks between the Lakers, Hornets and Houston Rockets were revived and the deal is actually Pau to Houston, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and picks to New Orleans, and Chris Paul to the Lakers. The news keeps changing and nothing is official, but something big seems imminent.


The New Orleans Hornets are engaged in trade talks with the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets about a three-team trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers and Pau Gasol to the Rockets, sources said.

The Hornets would receive either Luis Scola or Kevin Martin, and possibly both, as well as draft picks. Houston owns the New York Knicks' first-round pick from 2012, as well as its own.

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