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The Lakers Are Chris Paul's "New Preferred Destination"

Here's the latest on CP3 from Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated. Sam's a terrific reporter, and even though all anonymously sourced trade chatter should be taken skeptically, his stuff is more reliable than most. He doesn't have loads of new info for us, but he makes clear that the Lakers are still very much at the table.

No matter how badly Paul wants to join forces with Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, it seems clear that he realizes he can't get to New York via trade this season. As a result, his new favorite destination, I'm told, is the Lakers.

But what it would take to get him there remains to be seen. Lakers center Andrew Bynum is the prized piece because of his age (24) and, when healthy, his two-way impact, but he's not a good fit with incumbent center Emeka Okafor. The Hornets' veteran is owed a combined $40.4 million over the next three years and might have to be sent out (possibly to a third team) in such a deal.

Forward Pau Gasol is also believed to be in play, but the 31-year-old whose playoff performance raised questions about his game wouldn't fit as nicely into a rebuilding effort. Still, he's a four-time All-Star with good years left who has no shortage of value.

In much the same way as I was told "everyone but Dirk" is being made available by the Mavericks for Paul, the Lakers could find themselves discussing everyone on their roster not named Kobe.

Also the Kapono thing sounds like a done deal. Apparently he'll sign for one year, not two as originally reported.

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