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Come See The Basketball Jones On Monday Night

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Hi, gang. What do you have planned for Monday night? You know what - don't answer that because it doesn't matter. Whatever your plans were, they just changed. Tomorrow night, you're coming to see the Basketball Jones, LIVE, here in Los Angeles. Because it's the Basketball Jones, the greatest of all hoops podcasts, and they've come to our town, and it's time to forget about the NBA lockout and all attendant booshit for one night and just chill with other hoops fans.

Here's the deal. Skeets and Tas - the Lennon and McCartney of NBA podcasters - will be holding it down from 7:00 to 9:00 Monday night at Lot 1 in Echo Park. The address is 1533 West Sunset Boulevard. The whole TBJ gang, including J.D. and Matty O, will be there. Will Fishmore be in the house? Fuck yeah Fishmore will be in the house. In fact, I spoke with Skeets and Tas today and reminded them that they're now in the showbiz capital of the world and that it's on them to light up the stage like never before. I have every confidence they'll rise to the challenge.

So if you're in L.A., come out to Lot 1 on Monday night. It's free, and comedian Joe Mande (who's funny as hell) will there to keep everything rolling. If you don't show up I'll be personally disappointed in you. If you DO show up I promise you a free hug and maybe I'll buy you a shot.

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