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Relationships Are Hard Work! SB Nation Is Making The Effort

A message from SB Nation...

Hey there.  You got a second?

I don't want to give you the wrong impression, so let me just say up front, I think things are pretty good between us right now.  I'm not angry, or upset, or anything like that.  But I'm a bit worried ... maybe concerned is a better word.  You see, we just don't talk as much as we used to.

It's important to talk to each other.  We have to make sure the lines of communication are open, or our relationship will be eventually doomed.  But everyday I see you, and you see me, and we don't take any time to find out about each other's lives.  How was your day?  Bad?  "There's no basketball" you say?  Man, that sucks.  My day's been alright so far.  Nothing major to report.

Communication is important for other reasons, too.  Its the only way we can be open with each other about our foibles, so that we don't end up hating each other for little, correctable issues.  Like I've noticed you often visit without having brushed your teeth in the morning, and to be frank, it's kinda gross.  It seems insignificant now, but after years and years, the little frustrations might build if we don't speak our minds.

OK,  your turn.  You aren't comfortable with the conversation?  That's OK, I've planned for that ahead of time.  I made you a nice, safe place to voice your complaints in anonymity.  What can I say, I'm a good strategist.  So click on the link below, and tell me what you think of me.  I promise I won't be offended, and it will only make our relationship blossom.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my bit of creative license there (there aren't a whole lot of opportunities these days), but if you are looking for more concrete details and "facts", see the blurb after the jump.

Hey everyone.  SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site.  We are always trying to improve user experiences, navigation and brand integrations and your feedback is valuable in this process.  All responses will be kept confidential and the entire process will only take a few minutes.  Also, as incentive to participate, for the 3 SB Nation sites with the highest percentage of completed surveys, SB Nation will make a $500 donation to the charity of our choice, in our name. Do it for the kids...

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