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Lakers-Grizzlies Open Thread

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Aaand we're back! I hope 2011 is treating y'all like royalty so far. For the Lakers the new year jumps off with what should be a straightforward W, against a Memphis team that lost in Utah just last night. The Grizzlies' bench in that game combined for six points in 50 minutes of play. Solid work, fellas!

Pour another mug of home-brewed peanut butter and banana Elvis beer whenever someone mentions:

  • That the Gasol brothers were traded for each other,
  • How Kobe Bryant always torches O.J. Mayo,
  • Lamar Odom's All-Star prospects,
  • All the rain in L.A., or
  • Bowl games.

Five, four, three, two, one - let's get it started now. Soon as the ball goes up, you know it's going down.