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Battle: Los Angeles Coming Soon in Both Movie and Basketball Forms

On Wednesday night, the Clippers did the entire planet a favor by tooling on the Miami Heat. It's their third straight win, and assuming they take care of business Friday night against the Warriors (and the Lakers do the same against the Nets), both of our local squads will be riding nice little winning streaks when they clash at Staples Center on Sunday. And in what I assume is no coincidence, Columbia Pictures on Wednesday released a new trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, the upcoming action pic premised on the terrifying notion that L.A. is the last line of defense against an alien invasion. I guess the title focus-grouped better than Battle: Bakersfield.

Don't watch this if you don't like seeing stuff blowed up real good.

In a great example of how tin-eared and generally incompetent Hollywood movie people are, they got rid of the epic tagline from the first trailer: "We must not lose Los Angeles!" But I think the sentiment still applies.

In conclusion, aliens will get their asses kicked if they ever dive-bomb Santa Monica, and I hope the Lakers beat the Clippers on Sunday.

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