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Happy New Year!

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Oh Kobe, don't front.  We heard you claim capturing another 3-Peat was your only New Year's resolution.  It seems you also resolved  to put more people on posters, with not one, but two dunks on the Sixers last night.  Andres Nocioni caught the worst of it though.  Jodie Meeks must have already had his mind on the club, because he laid out the red carpet for a dunk that even I wasn't sure you still had in you.

"I ain't gonna lie..."  I watched the game on DVR and rewound this soon-to-be SportsCenter Top Ten #1 about ten times before I resumed with the rest of the game.  Kobe's two handed cram from beyond the circle followed a Shaq-esque one-handed back down power slam by Andrew Bynum.  A sign our big young fella is starting to feel much, much better, and I forgot about it almost instantly.  Here's to 2011...Enjoy.

"Don't call it a comeback / I been here for years!"