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Amare Chose Nash Over Kobe, and Other "News"

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Remember Amare Stoudemire, the guy Pau Gasol humiliated in the Western Conference Finals to the point he started crying like a little baby right there on the court* and fled the conference in shame? Back in 2004, he told the Phoenix Suns not to sign Kobe Bryant. In possibly related news, the Phoenix Suns still haven't won an NBA championship.

Anger my readers, Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic:

The question ownership asked to me was, "Who do I want - Jason Kidd, Steve Nash or Kobe Bryant?" I said Steve. Over Kobe. At the time, Kobe had a reputation for being selfish and Steve was the ultimate point guard. I felt like that's what we needed. We had Joe Johnson and Shawn Marion. We just didn't have a PG to control tempo.

That's not a very incendiary quote, but it's Labor Day weekend and nothing else is going on, so let's just pretend it is.

* = possible embellishment

Jerry Buss - is being sued by a completely sane man in Kentucky who claims that Buss sold him Jeannie on eBay and promised him a janitorial job when he got out of prison.

Audrina Patridge - drew 600 new visitors to Silver Screen and Roll when I mentioned her in my Dancing With the Stars post a week ago, so I'm just going to start dropping her name randomly on the site. Like this: Audrina Patridge.

Speaking of DWTS - Former Laker Rick Fox is a 4-to-1 favorite to win the competition, which this guy thinks is a great injustice.

Your horrible Laker YouTube video of the day -  is after the jump. It doesn't feature any homemade jewelry or child molester breathing, but it's still pretty good.

Happy long weekend, y'all.

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