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More Random Bros Invited to Laker Training Camp

We already knew that a "Russell Hicks" would be coming to Lakers' training camp to help sort the mail and round out scrimmages. Now, with less than 24 hours before camp opens, the team has announced the names of three more dudes who've been invited. According to my sources, the suspects in question are Trey Johnson, Anthony Roberson and Andrew Naymick.

(By "sources," I mean a press release on the Lakers' website.)

Roberson I've actually seen play a fair amount. He was a Knick briefly during that dark period in my life when I was a Knick ticket subscriber. (You may, but probably do not, remember him from when he was a Clipper.) Roberson's not really any good. He's also not really any worse than a number of down-roster shooting guards who have jobs in the league.

Trey Johnson is a 26-year-old guard out of Jackson State who's been knocking around the D League and Europe for a few years. Some cursory Googling reveals that he played on the same high-school hoops and baseball teams as Mo Williams. Naymick is a 6'10" center from Michigan State who's been balling in Poland and Spain. As big men, Naymick and Hicks will stand in for Andrew Bynum while the latter continues recovering from knee surgery.

N e way, y'all have fun at your Training Camp Eve parties tonight!

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