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The Storm Is Coming

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SSR members, consider yourselves warned. It's time to prepare yourselves, stock up on supplies, and bunker in, because a storm is coming.

For most of the country, and the world, that phrase has a negative connotation. Here in the Southland, however, to those of us who can look past the superficial loss of another chance to visit the beach, a storm provides much needed aquatic relief. But obviously, since I have not recently changed my profession to meteorology, the storm I speak of is metaphorical. Instead of torrential downpour, flash floods, and potential devastation, this storm promises only to rain down Lakers information and flood your mind with analysis of the upcoming season's prospects. After a few lean months, it is more desperately needed than any real storm could ever be.

That's right folks, we're on the cusp of being able to talk about actual basketball related topics once more. No more reliance on Ron Artest's latest hijinks, commentary on creepy QVC-meets-Blair Witch Project videos, or discussion of the ego size of America's favorite basketball villain. Starting tomorrow, you'll be getting daily analysis regarding some aspect of the upcoming NBA season as it pertains to the league's best franchise. We'll be doing a player by player review of expectations and abilities, take a look at some of the biggest obstacles in the way of a Lakers three-peat, and sprinkle in the relevant topics of our choice along the way. By the time we're done, you'll know this squad inside and out, and you'll be ready for the inevitable roller coaster ride that is a Los Angeles Lakers season.

Let the anticipation begin in earnest.

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