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Who Wants Some Fug Laker Jewelry?

This is one of the creepiest GD videos I've ever seen. Let me try to sum it up.

Some dude made a pendant that looks like Kobe Bryant's Laker jersey. (To me, it looks more like a Zippo lighter, but he says it's a pendant.) He then decided to shoot some video, so we can all get a close look at his old-world craftsmanship. What follows is MORE THAN THREE-AND-A-HALF MINUTES of him just holding the damn thing up in front of the camera in his ugly kitchen.

Oh, and the whole time he's panting like he just called your mom's 900 line. And then at the 2:13 mark a baby starts shrieking in terror.

Yeah, dude... I don't think this is going viral.

Anyone needs me, I'll be curled up in the corner, trying to get to my happy place.

(UNSEXY UPDATE: The video has been taken down. Probably because it violated YouTube's policy against EXCESSIVE AWESOMENESS.)

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