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Lionel Messi Is Holding a Laker Jersey

<em>Photoshop credit: sexy commenter LAL32</em>
Photoshop credit: sexy commenter LAL32

That dude on the left is Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. He plays for FC Barcelona. The woman on the right is Kim Bohuny. She is the NBA's vice-president for international operations and has a rich, luxurious mullet.

Both were present today at the Campus Bàsquet Sense Fronteres at the Ciutat Esportiva - basically, a basketball camp for the 50 best European youth players being held at FC Barca's training complex. On October 7th, the Lakers are playing an exhibition game against the basketball version of FC Barcelona. So, uh... Messi got a free jersey.

This was a great story, huh? Presumably SBN's servers are about to start smoking and catching fire with all the traffic this post brings in. I hope I don't break the Internet.

It started out a lot funnier actually, when all I had to go on was the Portugese caption to the photo, found here. Babelfish translated the text as follows:

Great fan of basquete, the Argentine aggressor received shirt from the surmounting of Los Angeles with the number ten and its name in the coasts. The gift was delivers to the player in this Saturday for the vice-president of international operations of the NBA, Kim Bohuny. In October, the Lakers will face the teams of basquete of the Bark in game. Messi, however, will not be able to attend the game, since it will be concentrated with its election.

Good times!

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