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Hear Me Talk About Things

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I've been meaning to post this all week. Why haven't I? Because (a) I've been in Chicago melting in the heat at Lollapalooza, and (b) on the whole I'm just lazy and easily distracted. That second part you already knew.

Bryan Gutierrez is a writer at Mavs Moneyball, one of our sister SBN sites, and he hosts a weekly hoops podcast on which I was a guest this past Monday. We discussed various topics relating to the Lakers' offseason, including Kobe Bryant's surgery, the signings of Steve Blake and Matt Barnes and, of course, how the Lakers are reacting to the the Miami Heat thing. You can hear me hold forth in my trademark nasally tone by clicking here. I come in around the 59:00 mark. Go go GO!

BONUS PREMIUM CONTENT: After the jump, a photo of the Port-o-Potty Zone at Lollapalooza, which is the most disgusting place on earth. It's even nastier than that motel room your mom uses.