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Rick Fox to Join Dancing With the Stars :-(

By most measures, Rick Fox has lived a life we should all be jealous of. In college, he reached the Final Four as a North Carolina Tar Heel. He spent 13 seasons in the NBA, seven of them with the Lakers. He won three NBA rings and was paid more than 34 MEELLION dollars.

He's also had an acting career. Not just "token NBA-player cameo on network sitcom" appearances, but real acting, on real shows like Oz. He's handsome. He gets with some hottest women around, such as former Miss America Vanessa Williams and current flame Eliza Dushku. And he's Canadian, so he's probably really nice.

Rick Fox has the world in the palm of his well-manicured hand. Which it makes it all the more disappointing that he's apparently condescending to compete in the new season of the unwatchable reality show Dancing With the Stars. Lower my opinion of the man, E! Online:

[R]eliable sources confirm that the former Mr. Vanessa WIlliams and current Mr. Eliza Dushku (some of you may know him as an NBA star) has been cast on the new season of DWTS, which begins September 20. . . Also confirmed by sources to be part of the cast: Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge, The Situation, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, Florence Henderson.

Oh good, the Situation's going to be in it. For a second there I thought this might suck.

Look, I'm an NBA blogger, so it's not like I'm in position to tell anyone what to do with their lives. But Foxy, my man... this is seriously the best gig you could get? If you're rolling with Dushku, presumably you've got your act together personally, hygenically and financially. Go do a play on Broadway or a cool indie movie. See if you can't get yourself a role on Breaking Bad. Come be my wingman for a night. Try using your powers for good instead of evil.

You've still got a month to bail from this DWTS thing. Pull the plug, fire your agent and rethink the direction your life's heading. A man with your credentials should never share a stage with Audrina Patridge and the Situation. You're going to pick up their stink if you're not careful.

Meanwhile, I'll choose to remember you from happier times. Like when you had a badass high-top fade.

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