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Are the Lakers trying to get a monopoly on crazy?

Word on the street is that the Lakers are trying to obtain Delonte West. To free up both the roster space and the salary to do so, they would trade Sasha Vujacic. Pound for pound, player for player, this is yet another trade/signing that would increase the talent on the Lakers roster. West is a decent shooter (37% for his career) who struggled last year, but his defensive ability is miles ahead of Sasha, purely based on the fact that he doesn't get called for 7 fouls every time he actually tries to play defense.

But West has some ... um ... baggage. He recently plead guilty to weapons charges because of an incident in which he was caught with three guns while driving his motorcycle. He has battled with depression so severe, it caused him to miss time last season. And then there's the oh so juicy, couldn't possibly be true, rumor surrounding West and LeBron James' mother as a romantic item. Even when talking about his KFC freestyle, it's clear West is one strange dude.

The Lakers are no strangers to crazy wing players. They already have the NBA player most synonymous with crazy in Ron Artest. They just signed a player in Matt Barnes who Kobe stated "anybody crazy enough to go at me is crazy enough to play for me". Lamar Odom married the Khloe Kardashian, so you can't say he's 100% right in the head. And Phil Jackson has a long history of turning head cases into diamonds during his tenure (see Rodman, Dennis).

But having all three of these guys on one team sounds ... *looks up thesaurus* insane. The entertainment element of our team has the chance to be off the charts, but the stability has to decrease, right? Besides, Phil Jackson is likely only coaching one more year, is his successor going to have the gravitas to know how to handle all of these guys?

Then again, maybe all of these moves are meant to strike fear in the hearts of our opponents. After all, with West, Artest, and Barnes on the same team, you'd legitimately have no idea what these guys might do.

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