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Is Byron Scott Still Angling for the Lakers' Gig?

While doing today's Credits, I came across an article by Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix regarding Byron Scott and the "new" look Cavaliers.  In it, Mannix discusses the challenges that lie ahead for Byron Scott while he tries to pick up the pieces for a LeBron-jilted Cavaliers team.  But it was one quote that caught my eye that made me think just a little bit:

Regardless of who is on the roster, Scott said the Cavs' philosophy will be the same: Run, early and often.

"Turnovers, missed shots, made baskets, we're going to try to run off of all of them," he said. "Playing up and down has always been my M.O. For so many years it has been such an effective way of playing basketball. This is a team that has never been that type of team. So I'm going to have to live with some of those mistakes early. But let's make all our mistakes early. When the season starts, guys will have real good comfort zones."

Byron Scott wants a running team?  The man notorious for a bland offense that features tons of boring pick and rolls wants his team to get out in transition?  In a previous post, "Byron Scott Would NOT Be a Decent Hire as Lakers Coach", myself and others explained exactly what it was we did not like about Scott.  His predictable offense was a big reason why.  But now he is going to run.  Haha.  Amusing.  Why?  Here's a thought; maybe it's because Jerry Buss absolutely loves transition basketball.  He has made it known that he's not too fond of the Triangle, and has also let it be known that he still does and always have a crush on Magic's Showtime Era brand of basketball. Showtime was the epitome of transition basketball.   And now Byron Scott wants to change his ways and run, while Phil has announced this upcoming season is his last.  Hmmm.

There could be other reasons.  Maybe Byron Scott realizes he needs to change?  After all, he has been fired twice.  His offense being an issue both times.  Or maybe he subscribes to Bill Simmons' and Malcom Gladwell's theory of pressing and transition basketball as a means for bad teams to even the playing field?  Or maybe he just needs a year to show Dr. Buss that he can coach transition basketball and impress Buss enough to get his dream gig?  Or should I say us fans, since we were the ones so adamantly against him?  I'm probably thinking way too much into this, and it's very possible considering its the slow days of summer, so call me crazy.  Byron Scott would leave the Cavs in a heartbeat if Jerry Buss gave him the Lakers gig.  What if?

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