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Land 'o Lakers: David Thorpe on Derrick Caracter

ESPN's Land 'o Lakers did an interview with Scouts Inc.'s David Thorpe on the Lakers' 2nd Round Draft pick (#58) Derrick Caracter. Thorpe, who is also director of the Pro Training Center in Clearwater, Florida, where he "oversees the player development program for college and NBA players," knows his stuff and likes what he sees.  

Thorpe: "I was really impressed. There's not going to be a lot of guys that Derrick's going to play against that are going to be stronger than him or bigger than him, and Cousins is probably both. In that situation, you look for fight. I thought he really fought. Not only do I not think he gave Cousins an inch, I think he took it personally. Like I can play with this guy, I can pound this guy. That was the mentality."

Now, Summer League success isn't something to usually put a lot of faith in, but take note: Thorpe did this interview after Caracter matched up against the Sacramento's Kings' #5 overall pick DeMarcus Cousins. Our more casual NBA fans probably know him better as top pick John Wall's Kentucky teammate, but make no mistake, Cousins can play. He's expected to be a impact rookie, and it's very encouraging to hear that Caracter is showing first-round talent.

Thorpe: "The guy clearly should have been a first-round pick. A bunch of teams messed up. There’s really no other way of saying it. They couldn’t [look past his history]. And that’s their fault. The league is filled with players that have made bad decisions in their lives, or will make that bad decision while they’re in the NBA. In some respects I actually felt Derrick was less of a risk as a draft pick in the 20’s because he’s already gone through it and come out looking great."

Given the Lakers' salary situation, there's a very good chance both he and Devin Ebanks make the team. Considering the injuries certain Lakers suffer every year (cough, cough Luke and Andrew), no doubt they'll be put in situations to contribute. Needless to say, this is great news to hear. Click here to read the whole post at Land 'o Lakers.

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