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Lakers Miscellany

  • Sasha Vujacic is not the "self-proclaimed Machine" - the nickname was given to him by Joel Meyers and Stu Lance on a local broadcast of the game (KCAL9).
  • Are the Celtics the Cinderella of the playoffs? If so, midnight can't come soon enough.
  • People loooove to play the disrespect card. If you go looking for someone who will underestimate you, I'll bet you will find that someone. And you can then say "everyone is sleeping on us, we'll show them!". Let's just say that both the Lakers and Celtics are being disrespected all the time, and move on, mmkay?
  • In the games that Kobe has played in, the Lakers have not lost a game to Boston since losing the 2008 Finals. In those three victories, Kobe shot 4 free throws in 2 of the games and none in the other!
  • It seems as if most are acting like the Lakers have not even seen Boston since the 2008 Finals ended. Yes, they are different now than then, players have been added, others have improved, but the two 08-09 games are the closest thing to what we're going to see in a few days.
  • Kobe and Pau are cerebral players. They are not going to do the same thing twice. Even if they lose, it will be in a different manner than before. And I think they've already learned the lessons of 2008. They passed the midterm, now is the Final. Let me explain after the jump.

  • In 2008, I made the fatal mistake of ignoring the regular season results of the head-to-head matchups. I'm not going to do the same thing this time. In fact, I'm looking at all four of the games in the past two years, which makes me feel more and more confident about the Lakers' chances. All of the games were played with playoff intensity, so I know I can discount any lack of effort issues. Health issues may be skewing those results, though. Still, I feel good about the Lakers performance in those games. That Christmas 2008 game may have been a sweet preview of these Finals.
  • Luke Walton is going to have a positive impact for the Lakers in this series.
  • I read somewhere that the Lakers are not going to be able to allow Rondo to shoot uncontested 18 footers. But I am still not convinced that Rondo has improved his outside shooting. See his NBA hotspots chart this playoffs, the regular season, and last season ( Tell me what you see.
  • I love Lamar Odom. Night in, night out, he is one of the best help defenders in the game, and one of the most underrated. He's not KG, but he should be on the short list of great help defenders that includes KG. But many games is Lamar going to show up offensively for? 2? 3? 3 should be enough for the Lakers to win. To determine if Lamar will be coming to your party, I present this handy chart as a guide.


Seeing as every game will be urgent from the start, and remembering this incident below (Read Lamar's lips: "I'll do whatever the f--- I want to!), I'd say there a good chance Lamar shows up on O for at least 3 games.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics - TNT HD - February 5th, 2009 - Part #7 (via tenike1)