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SB Nation Wants to Buy You a Drink

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Think the Lakers' second straight championship is destined to be the highlight of your summer? You, sir or madam, could not possibly be more wrong. An event's going down next week that'll be so much fun, it'll make the Lake Show's Game Seven victory over the Celtics seem like the worst night of your life, and the previous worst night of your life seem even worster.

Next Tuesday, the 29th of June, there's going to be a launch party for SB Nation Los Angeles. We're not inviting any ugly people, but since ugly people don't root for the Lakers or read Silver Screen and Roll, you're all invited. The venue will be Capitol City, a sports bar located in the heart of Hollywood, mere blocks from where Sasha Vujacic and I live. (Sasha and I don't live together. We're just neighbors. By "neighbors," I mean, "I keep my refrigerator box in the alley behind his condo building until security tells me I have to move.")

The best part is, there'll be free well drinks and beer all evening, courtesy of our friends at Crown Royal Black. So look deep within your heart and ask yourself the following questions. Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy when someone else pays for you to drink? If you answered 'yes' or 'hell yes' to either of these queries, this is the event for you. If you answered 'no' this is still the event for you, because it'll introduce you to the unmatched joys of free alcohol and thus change your life for the better. (Lotta people don't know this, but booze makes you cooler and more alluring to people you happen to be attracted to.)

The event will run from 5:00 to 8:00 in the evening. If you do plan to attend, please take a moment to RSVP here. Capitol City is at 1615 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. What, do I need to draw you a map? I do? Fine. Here.

SBN Los Angeles is going to rock, by the way. Be there for the launch party and make all your friends jealous.