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Lakers-Celtics Open Thread


What's new, pussycats?

For those not up on the latest, Andrew Bynum will play and start tonight, but that knee is apparently more limited than it's been in the series so far. How much he plays will depend on his effectiveness and the game situation. Also, Ray Allen shot 0-for-13 in Game Three. That's not news. I just felt like typing it again.

The Game Four edition of our time-honored drinking-game triggers are whenever:

  • You see a commercial for Grown Ups or Rookie Blue,
  • Someone mentions that 10-0 thing about Game Three winners,
  • Someone describes tonight's game as a "must win" for Boston,
  • Jeff Van Gundy complains about a rule he doesn't like, or
  • You see an ad for, or someone mentions, the World Cup.