Tony Gaffney is in an interesting situation


The fact he’s now with the Celtics – putting him on the other side of the NBA greatest rivalry – Gaffney has been asked if he has disposed of all the Lakers’ gear he left L.A. with, whether he now hates the Lakers. "How could I," he said. "They were my first team. They gave me a shot. They were loyal to me. Leaving L.A. was not easy. It basically came down to money (other players’ guaranteed contracts). They believed I could play there." Gaffney said he made some friendships in L.A., particularly with forward Luke Walton, the veteran many speculated was his chief rival for that final roster spot. "I still talk to him occasionally," he said. Of course, Gaffney doesn’t want anyone to think his fondness for the Lakers could dull his competitive edge nor pale the green blood that now flows through his veins. "I hope we destroy them," he said.