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NBA attempts to make it up to us for poor scheduling

I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering what kind of drugs the NBA schedule makers were on when they decided on this awesome playoff format. The Suns and Spurs finished the 1st round before the Jazz and Lakers, but then their series started later. Now, thanks to a 3 day off midseries break for LA-Utah, the Spurs and Suns will once again be a day ahead. 

Well, at least the NBA is sorry. They're trying to make it up to you the best way they know how, by giving away free stuff.

Here's the deal. is giving away items, and all you need to do to qualify to win some swag is answer a straightforward question. Someone from will be monitoring your responses, and will pick a winner accordingly. I don't know if they pick the first guy who gets it right, or if everyone who guesses correctly gets thrown into a drawing, or if the dude just closes his eyes and scrolls up and down wildly. I just know that at least one SS&R member will be rolling with some new gear, compliments of a penitent National Basketball Association.  (*Legal note: is probably just giving stuff away for free because that's what they do.  Actual penitence not guaranteed)

So, without further ado, the question:

As of Thursday, May 6th Deron Williams leads all NBA players with 85 assists in the playoffs so far. Check out the rest of the assist leaders at and guess who the first three players to reach 100 assists will be. The winner will receive a free prize package courtesy of

Readers have until Sunday May 9th at noon EST to submit their answers.

As exists with all free giveaways, there's just a bit of fine print.


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