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Some Kid Thinks Chris Bosh Should Join Lakers

It's been a while since we talked about Chris Bosh around here. (Not sure if you noticed, but the Lakers didn't trade for him at the deadline.) Obviously our attention has been focused on other matters, like the playoffs and how you should send me money so I can afford brand-name Hot Pockets and not have to slum it with the generic kind.

But at Game Two of the Jazz series, Bosh was spotted at Staples Center, which clearly indicates that his trade to the Lakers is imminent. Possibly it'll have happened by the time you're reading this. The ramifications of such a deal would be enormous, but I think this kid pretty much has the analysis covered.

The young man makes some good points. Bosh coming to the Lakers would, in fact, be "pretty boss." Are you listening, Mitch Kupchak?

I do wish the kid would get a bit closer to the camera. It's kind of hard to make him out in the distance.

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