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Stray Bullets: Twitterized!

    If you ever noticed.  I'm not usually commenting in our Game Threads.  Not that you should notice, but I usually don't because 1.) I'm superstitious about blog commenting during or on game days, and 2.)  I'm always on Twitter instead.  So, I'm going to give you the Stray Bullets about last night's Game 2 in Twitter, with my Tweets and Retweets of some of my Twitter buddies. (Shameless plug time.  Join Twitter and follow me: @wondahbap,  DexterFishmore: @dexterfishmore, Silver Screen and Roll: @LakersBlog_SSR)

    For those of you unaware. RT means "re-tweet"  Meaning I "re-tweeted" someone else's tweet, so that people following me can read them as well.  The italics were added to explain the circumstance and situation of the game at time of tweet.  Let's go.

      • Nice. In the regular season, Kobe took that 3-pt shot instead of the drive and dish.
        • (After a Lakers miss, then offensive rebound by Bynum, the ball goes to Kobe.  It was a situation where he likes to take the 3-Pt shot.  Instead, he feints, drives to collapse the defense and finds Bynum for an easy dunk.  Andrew's second dunk already.  This is playoff Kobe.)

  • RT@forumbluegold Bynum looks even better than in game one. He's still not as fleet of foot, but he's definitely not laboring as much.
  • Doing good job of getting ball at apex. Reaction is good RT @KevinDing: Six boards in first seven minutes for Bynum, who also has two dunks.
    (He looked good.  I also thought he did as good a job rebounding as we see from him.)
  • If Utah wants to collapse and double, the Lakers need to knock down these open jumpers, or drive like Kobe is doing. Like that Ron Ron!
    (At this point, the Jazz decided to send a double and front the post with a perimeter defender.  Daring the wings to shoot the ball, but while paying too much attention to the post man.  Ron knocks down a 3-pointer.  Finally.)
  • Carlos Boozer. Too short.
    (He had trouble getting the shot up.  It was a block party last night, and Boozer was the guest of honor.  Blocked six times last night.)
  • Andrew and Pau taking turns on Boozer.
    (Pau and Andrew take turns swatting Boozer, after which he yells, "God damn!)
  • RT@CTKwasniewski Hey Lakers fans, stop saying "awwww!!!" when Artest misses a three... They NEVER go in.
    (3:25 1Q, 17-15 Jazz.  Ron was 1-4 3FGA in the first quarter.)
  • That high arching elbow jumper is Boozer's only offense against us.
    (Pau is just too tall for Boozer, yet he can still hit that elbow jumper that arcs so high, Derek Fisher is jealous.)
  • RT@CTKwasniewski And VERY late on that call. RT @KevinDing: Brutal ref Tony Brothers has reversed himself on two calls in the first 10 minutes.
    (See what I mean.)
  • @CTKwasniewski @KevinDing Brutal isn't enough to describe him.
  • God Damn is right, Carlos. Stop trying.
    (Boozer.  Blocked.  Again.)
  • RT @ESPNLandOLakers: Shannon still has no sense of where defenders are when he's running the break. Needs to stop pushing w/o numbers. BK
    (When Shannon can keep the ball long enough to jump, he's a great finisher.  But too often, he'll try to dribble through three defenders.)
  • RT@ESPNLandOLakers I said it Sunday, I'll say it again: Kosta Koufos must be the worst player ever if he can't put Fesenko on the bench. BK
    (Yep.  They're pretty bad.  The Lakers had a huge advantage when the Jazz are healthy, never mind the fact that the Jazz are relying on two guys they keep sending to the D-League. By the way, Kosta, shave your head.  Your balding buddy.  And take Nenad Kristic with you too.)
  • Dribbling definitely not his forte. Nor passing. RT @LakerGMC: Sorry Fish, Shannon has blown right past you as worst Laker break leader.
  • @sportsguy33 Or the fact that he lives in Utah?
    (This was in replay to Bill Simmon's tweet:
    "At Laker game with @jacoby_ - we can't figure out why Deron Williams has a haircut this bad. Jacoby blames his friends + support system."
    - I'm guessing there can't be too many barber shops in Salt Lake catering to African Americans.  Just a hunch.)
  • RT@CTKwasniewski @wondahbap @ESPNLandOLakers Brown seems to always have tunnel vision for the highlight dunk. No peripheral vision.
  • "Bench" in Lakerland means Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar. Powell and Mbenga must hate when "bench" gets bashed.#guiltybyassociation
    (Charles said the Lakers bench is just "BE", because they're incomplete.  He's right about that.  I can't really consider LO a bench guy.  So it boils down to the 2 guards.  3 when Sasha is healthy.  We all know about the bench issues this year.)
  • RT@forumbluegold These Lakers sets look like Game 5 of last years Nuggs series. Kobe @ the pinch post, accepts double team, hits cutter for easy basket.
    (Offense looks easy against the Jazz.  Kobe, Pau, Andrew, and LO can do what they feel.  Hence the easy offense.)
  • RT@ESPNLandOLakers Lakers clearing the floor w/ Kobe isolated in the post, just as they did vs. Denver earlier in the year. Ask @kevinarnovitz about it. BK
  • Okay. The Jazz are going to be in serious trouble. Kobe is facilitating at his best. He's softening them up for the knockout later.
    (Kobe got everyone involved.  The body blows.  When he's playing facilitator/scorer, there is still  no one better in basketball.  He dominates the pace and flow of the game.  The head shots came in the 4th.)
  • If Boozer yells "goddamn" one more time...
    (He was blocked AGAIN.  Of course.)
  • RT@ESPNLandOLakers Sloan in tough spot: Millsap and Boozer can't keep LO/Bynum off the boards, but Fesenko/Koufos are bad. What do you do? BK
    (Remember, all of us at SSR picked the Lakers to win in 5.  Fesenko and Koufos are the main reason.)
  • @ESPNLandOLakers Look forward the pushing they can get away with in Utah.
    (That's what the Jazz can do.  Pray for the friendly home whistle.)
  • RT@reallisa RT @bruce_arthur Andrew Bynum: Playing like a man who saw Bosh in the front row, and who would prefer to stay in LA.
  • Farmar will wish he was in LA and the Triangle when he's bricking shots off the bench for some scrubs next season.
    (6:37, 2Q.  34-45 Lakers.  Farmar miss a 3-pointer.  How much money do you think Farmar lost these past two seasons?  Remember when there was talk of him being able to "start" for most teams?  Now name one.  I can't think of one.  Miami?  The grass isn't always greener.  His play's been inconsistent to horrible.)
  • Ron? You're open for a reason. Mix in a pass. Thanks.
    (1-5 3FGA now.)
  • Give Kobe the assist anyway.
    (3:50, 2Q. Kobe gets defensive rebound.  Runs fastbreak, dishes a nice pass to Ron Ron, who blows the bunny.  Pau cleans up.  39-51 Lakers.)
  • Ron has faster hands than E. Honda.
    (Dude knocks the ball out of many ball handlers.)
  • @CTKwasniewski I will chip in for his plane ticket out of here. I'll even help him pack.
    (Me talking about Farmar. Again.)
  • If I was an opposing GM, I'd get Carl Landry and Paul Millsap on the same team. #painintheass
    (Millsap was killing us.  He's a Laker Killer like Carl landry.  They might be undersized but they are All-World against us.)
  • And Ron at St. John's. RT @LakerGMC: Didn't Fisher used to coach George Washington?
    (With that beard and bald head, Fish looks like Mike Jarvis)
  • CJ Miles? That is Kosta Koufos you tried to lob that to. Kosta. Koufos.
    (Uh, yeah.  Koufos sucks.  Remember?)
  • When did CJ Miles get so aggressive going to the basket?
    (He played well.  He was killing us.  Different guy from last year, whim just stood at 3-Pt line and bricked shots.)
  • My battery dies during 3rd Quarter.  So, let's watch some highlights and pick back up in the 4th.  The 3rd was boring anyway.  Lakers got too cozy.  Farmar came in and stunk up the joint.  We'll pick up when it gets closer (and my iTouch recharged).


  • RT@tribjazz Yes, C.J. Miles tried to flop on Kobe Bryant down the stretch of Game 1. Yes, Miles also tried to throw an alley-oop to Kosta Koufos tonight
  • RT@ufrsports does LBJ deserve the crown?
  • Ron Artest is getting the Thabo Sefolosha treatment. Jazz leaving him at 3 line. He has to cut more. Like he did on missed lay up / tip in.
    (3:32 4Q.  Ron misses a lay-up after cutting, since Utah wants to leave him open at 3-Pt line.  He puts back his own miss. 94-103 Lakers.  He needs to do more of that because the Jazz can't be allowed to deny our post entry while he, Farmar, and Shannon Brown brick jumpers.)
  • Pau getting feisty. Love to see that. Probably telling Boozer he's the reason Utah shouldn't re-sign him.
    (2:28 4Q. 96-105 Lakers.  Pau and Boozer face to face.  Pau's not backing down.  He owns Boozer.)
  • Kobe looks YOUNG this game!
    (2:19 4Q. 97-106 Lakers.  After a few great plays, he caps it off with a reverse dunk.  Throwback!  Crowd is amped.  Who says he's getting old?)

  • Nice. RT @140ChrViolation: Who knew Pau was using his nose to check for blood on his hand, all those times
  • RT@KamPashai Every fear I had about Kobe Bryant has been just about erased. He tried being human for a month, didn't like it so much.
  • Phil? Please glue Farmar's ass to the bench in Utah.#SashaGetWell...FAST
  • Kobe will never hear the end of these magazine shoot jokes.
  • @ESPNLandOLakers Most likely, but it's beats losing while having your doors blown off by 20+ at home. I'd rather read the over worrying.
    (In response to: "@ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers win 111-103. Ugly enough in the fourth to mandate 3 days of "lack of killer instinct" questions. Can't wait. BK"  Hey.  Let writers go on and on about "killer instinct" I'll take the win everyday of the week.  No matter what.  Ask the Cavs.  I guess no one has the killer instinct?  Except when Orlando plays Atlanta.  Ouch.)
  • @LakersReporter Uhh, they trailed to start.
    (In response to a tweet that said the Lakers never trailed.  Utah led until 4:45 in the 1st Quarter. The tweet can no longer be found.)

  • RT@LakerGMC Pau, Drew and Lamar pulled off the#tripledoubledouble
    (Pau: 22 pts & 15 rebs. Andrew: 17 & 14. Lamar: 11 & 15.  Sweet.)

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