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Lakers Jazz Game 2 thread

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I believe in knowing thine enemy.  And what better way to know your enemy than to drink like him.  So raise a tankard of ... what's that, you say?  Alcohol is frowned upon in Utah?  It goes against their moral code of conduct?  Fuck .  Me.


That plan failed miserably.  I guess we'll stick with the comforts of home.  Raise a glass of chianti anytime to following is mentioned

  • The word "complacency" and "Lakers" in the same sentence
  • Discussion of the Cavs loss last night
  • Kobe's bizarre White Hot photo shoot
  • Lamar Odom's anti-bench player rant
  • Andrew Bynum's limited physical capabilities

Look on the bright side.  With Orlando up roughly 8 gajillion points against Atlanta, our game might start reasonably on time.  Happy hunting.

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