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Lakers-Suns Open Thread

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Wait... the series is starting? Tonight?! I am not ready for this! I was counting on another full week to prepare and finish my Twilight fan-fic novel. There's just never enough time in the day, is there?

Lucky for you alcohol enthusiasts, there's always time for drinking-game triggers. Today's include any mention of:

  • Phil Jackson's comments about how Steve Nash palms the ball,
  • Controlling the tempo,
  • "Stealing" Game One,
  • The Lakers' length, or
  • The age of Nash, Grant Hill or Derek Fisher.

A couple ground rules: no GIFs in the thread, please. Pics are OK, but please deploy them sparingly. We might reverse that rule if the traffic gets really crazy, but we'll see how it goes first.

And with that, commencez!