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Cavs-Celtics Postgame Overflow Thread


PAGFL asked, and so you shall all receive (and therefore we shall receive more page views :D). The Cleveland Cavaliers were beaten down pretty badly by the Boston Celtics today, and knocked out before the Finals despite having the league's best record once again. LeBron's been having, as many have stated, some of his worst efforts in his career. So, how does this affect the Lakers' title hopes? Evidently, the team that was best during the regular season is no longer a worry. Presuming we make it past Phoenix (more on that over the next couple of days), we face the winner of the ECF series between the Orlando Magic and the Celtics. Who do you think is most likely to come out of that match-up? Will it be easy for them, or a dogfight?

And how does this affect the NBA as a whole? In the perfect world, it doesn't, but ESPN are ALREADY firing up more LeBron free-agency articles. There are two ways of looking at this: that LeBron decides to take the easy way out, blames his team and leaves; or that he shows grit and determination, and promises to go back to Cleveland and come back and win them a title next year. I think by now, we can all make our own impression of LeBron's attitude, and the former seems far more likely than the latter. Obviously, there's also the third viewpoint, the conspiracy theorist viewpoint, that he lost on purpose to get an easy way out of Cleveland to go to New York without persecution - if you believe that, Dex's drinking-game triggers over the years have probably given you brain damage.

Anyways, use this thread to discuss the game, to discuss the latter rounds of the playoffs, to discuss free agency, to discuss LeBron, whatever you want. Just keep it civil, as usual, and if WaveOcean comes over, do offer him your condolences.

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