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Lakers-Timberwolves Open Thread

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Your Weekend Daddy is here!  Just call me "Wee Diddy."  Umm, on second thought, scratch that.  Sounds too perverted.  Anyway, I'm awake from my "rest of the regular season Lakers-induced slumber" to give Dex the night off and provide you with tonight's game thread...Let's go.

Coming into tonight, the 'Wolves are 2-25 in their last 27, and 15-63 overall.  It's safe to say they're pretty awful.  Worse than our bench, in fact.  Still, unless this game is only 12.7 seconds long, expect a Lakers win.

Staying with Dex's tradition, throw one down for any mention or showing of:

  • Kurt Rambis running the Triangle
  • Corey Brewer straight posterizing Fish.
  • Any 3 the bench makes.
  • Tiger Woods' return.