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Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder Game 6 Open Thread

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Dex has the night off to wash his hair and get a bikini wax, so the unenviable task of following in his game thread footsteps falls to me.

For Dex, life is all caviar and Courvoisier, but I tend to be a little more blue collar.  For Dex, drinking games are a chance for humor and entertainment, but I only drink with purpose.  I drink to forget.  In that vein, tonight's triggers will have a bit more edge to them.  Raise your Natty light any time:

  • Anybody not named Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook hits an open 3
  • Any time an official blows a whistle that you don't like
  • Any time the OKC crowd gives their boys a standing ovation (the bonus round is when the OKC crowd stands in anticipation of the team's first bucket.  Feel free to chug the whole time)
  • Any time Serge Ibaka registers a block, or Nick Collison registers a charge.  And finally ...
  • Any time a perimeter player forces a bad shot.  Drink twice if they make the bad shot, as punishment for doubting them

There are two possible outcomes tonight.  Either the Lakers will win, or you will be too intoxicated to know what basketball is.  Either way you win.  In the interests of our survival, Dex will be back next game.

**SS&R encourages you to always drink responsibly.

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