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Don't tell Adam Morrison his name is synonomous with Game Over

*(Editor's Note: This is actually C.A.'s post.  I'm only posting it for him, since he's at work.)

Round these parts, we have a lovable pet name for Adam Morrison:  The Human White Flag.  Whenever he's inserted into a game, it's a clear signal from the coaching staff that they have no intent to pursue victory.  He is the personification of surrender.  Or, he can be inserted under happy circumstances, when defeat is no longer plausible.  Either way, his presence on the court can only mean that the completion of the game is a mere formality.
At only 23 games played on the season, I would venture a guess that Etan Thomas fills much of the same role for the OKC Thunder.  Which makes the events which ensued in last night's game that much more hilarious.  At the 3:28 mark of the 4th quarter, with the Lakers sporting a 27 point lead, Etan Thomas grabbed an offensive rebound and went up for what looked to be an easy dunk attempt.  Instead, AMMO channeled his inner Lee Corso ("Not so fast, my friend") and grabbed Thomas, throwing him to the ground, the definition of a hard playoff foul.  Thomas responded by getting in AMMO's face, and the players needed to be separated by bemused teammates and officials.
In other words, the Human White Flags refuse to surrender.  Cue irony ... now.

(View at 4:25 mark)

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