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Lakers-Thunder Open Thread


Look at them. Stare into the soulless eyes of the enemy. Grudgingly admire the panache with which they pull off the challenging mullet-chinstrap beard combination look. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we're up against.

(The pigtails, though... the pigtails do look correct.)

It's Saturday night so you're probably drunk already, but in case you need a gentle nudge into alcoholism so severe your insurance might cover treatment, here are your drinking-game triggers:

  • Anything about the back-and-forth between Phil Jackson and David Stern over officiating,
  • Any description of a player as an "X factor,"
  • Whenever a sideline reporter breaks out the decibel meter,
  • The words "youngest team in the league," and
  • Any replay of Russell Westbrook's dunk on Lamar Odom.

The saga continues.

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