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Los Angeles, OKC Mayors Are Doing the Goofy Wager Thing

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You know how before every Super Bowl, the mayors of the cities the two competing teams call home make a little bet with each other, usually involving local food delicacies? In 2008, for instance, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC bet his Boston counterpart that the Giants would beat the Patriots, with the winner to collect delicious snack foods indigenous to the loser's hometown: pastrami sandwiches and New York steaks if the Pats won, Dunkin' Donuts and Boston cream pies if the Giants won. That's always good times, right? Gambling's fun, and eating unhealthy snacks is fun, so combining the two is a strong play any way you look at it.

Turns out, this goes on in the basketball world, too. And not just for the NBA Finals. Wisely realizing that the first round will be his only opportunity to garner the cheapee press attention that comes from these civic wagers, Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett has agreed to a bet with Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa over the Lakers-Thunder opening round series. What delicious foodstuffs do you think they chose to put at risk? Maybe some In-n-Out burgers versus... shit, what do people in Oklahoma eat? Hardtack and johnnie cakes? Something moutwatering, in any event. Right, anonymous AP reporter?

Should the Thunder win, Cornett says the two mayors will take a picture together with Villaraigosa wearing an Oklahoma City jersey during the United States Conference of Mayors, which Oklahoma City will host in June.

If the Lakers win, Cornett would wear a Los Angeles jersey for the picture.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... slow down there, maniacs. The United States Conference of Mayors is a solemn event, not to be trivialized with your reckless, out-of-control gambling. Imagine the wackiness of Mayor [looks up name again] Cornett wearing a Lakers jersey! The mayor of Tulsa will wet him- or herself with shock!

In conclusion, off-days are very exciting.

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