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Lakers-Jazz Open Thread

The Lakerverse has already witnessed one important event today, in the announcement of Kobe Bryant's contract extension. There are two more to come. Andrew Bynum is being reevaluated by doctors tonight - Godspeed, young man - and there's also an actual basketball game.

Tonight's featured drinking-game cocktail? Rum with Diet Pepsi Jazz, "the new sound of cola"! Please note: Diet Pepsi Jazz is real and horrifying. Don't skimp on the rum while observing the following triggers:

  • Any mention of how Wesley Matthews' pop played for the Lakers,
  • Someone from the Laker bench makes a field goal,
  • Carlos Boozer makes his Angry Face,
  • Any mention of how long Jerry Sloan has been coaching, and
  • Any talk of the Sasha Vujacic/Brian Shaw thing.

The time is now, the place is here.

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