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Boredom - It does terrible things to the mind.
Boredom - It does terrible things to the mind.

So, the Lakers lost to the Bobcats. Nothing new. I didn't watch the game, and I'm not embarrassed to say so. In fact, all I have to say appertaining to me not watching the game is 'SUCK IT.' The fact that I can say that without a hint of sarcasm is, quite frankly, sad.

Sigh, this Regular Season is draining, ey? I could go on and bitch about the Lakers' play of late, but I don't see the point. This was exactly a month ago, this was yesterday morning. I fully expect that progression in my state of mind regarding the Lakers to continue, until some time in the Playoffs. As such, I have nothing to say on the Lakers' current play.

There are 19 games left in the Regular Season, and maybe only two of them are legitimate challenges - Sunday at Orlando and the 8th of April at Denver. The Jazz on the second April is a decent game, too. You know what that means? At least 16 games of complete crap, and three games that are either dominating performances, lucky wins or disappointing losses. Resign yourselves to that fact, ladies and gentlemen, there's simply nothing we can do about it. The Lakers quite simply couldn't give a, to borrow a line from Nas, 'flying 747...' (I'll let you find the song to figure out the last word, yourself) about our worries about their Regular Season. They're here for the Playoffs, and that's all we have to look forward to. Brace yourselves for an ugly month, one that the Lakers themselves have labelled as the toughest part of the schedule (and is broken down game-by-game here).

Oh how I long for the Lakers who would step up to the challenge, and dominate the month with a 90% winning percentage or so. But I'm not gonna get my hopes up. Expect the worst, and any good that comes shall be a pleasant surprise.

Some notes, after the jump:


  • The three games mentioned above, @Orlando, @Denver and @Utah, are the only three games remaining in the season that I would recommend you watch, as those are the only games where at least one team decides to and is capable of playing well.
  • If the Playoffs started today (if only..), we would be playing Portland in the First Round. An ugly matchup, for sure, but Los Angeles would come out the victors - hell, I can't recommend watching it, though. Other likely first-round opponents include Memphis, Houston, Oklahoma City and San Antonio, possibly even Phoenix. Out of those, Phoenix is the only series likely to be somewhat easy, and them and Oklahoma City the only entertaining ones. In saying this, any of those series are pretty easy wins, but every single team could take L.A. to 7 games. Skip this round, I recommend - heck, the Lakers will, mentally.
  • Second Round; Denver, Dallas or Utah. Utah = weak at Center and on the wings; Dallas = very, very good; Denver = tough, can light up like hell from behind the arc, unstoppable scorer in Melo (though the Artest of late could give him a run for his money), give Lakers' big men fits. Denver would be the only one there with potential to beat Los Angeles, and I don't see Dallas or Denver taking us beyond 6, as they should be enough to wake the Lakers up. If they don't wake up, however, this is where we get off, for the year.
  • WCF: Where shit gets real. Impossible to tell who we play, as all three of the teams seeded 2-4 have been going on runs and alternatively hot and cold. We need to bring it for this series.
  • Finals. The end game. We've been there two years in a row, with a winning % of 50. This season has more legitimate doubt of our ability to make the Finals heading into the Playoffs than either of the last two. An omen? Maybe. Our likely opponent in the Finals is Cleveland, though if Shaq's injury has complications, or Vince and Jameer on the Magic regain their form from last year, Orlando could give them a run for their money. Boston seem too old, and Atlanta COULD beat Cleveland on an upset, but then again Adam Morrison COULD win MVP. Only likely way L.A doesn't see Cleveland if they get to the Finals, is if Cleveland meet the Bobcats in the First Round. We don't have Home Court Advantage against Cleveland, either. Cleveland have swept us this season, we swept them last. Important? Maybe. In fact, Orlando swept us last season, and look how that screwed us up!                ... Oh, wait...                    Regardless, there's nothing to be done but to take a 'wait and see' approach with it all.
  • Offseason: Rumours are, Shannon Brown is going to opt out of his contract after this season, as it only makes sense to get a decent long-term deal before the new CBA. Considering how much the Organisation has focused on him, and that he's stated he wants to stay here, I see it as likely that we resign him. Our point guard situation is a conundrum. One would assume we resign Derek, as it would just be poor form to not do so, but he shall not be starting. Do we resign Farmar as well, and give him the keys, or look for talent by buying up in the Draft or through Free Agency? All we have to spend next season is our MLE, and we pay Luxury Tax on any signings we make (though we are somewhat financially relieved due to Adam Morrison's contract coming off the books and Fisher signing for less).
  • Coaching, does Phil come back? Not even he knows yet. And I don't know if I want him to.
  • Likely affecting the coaching is the behind-the-scenes power struggle going on for control of the franchise between Jim Buss and the power couple of Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson. I'd go in-depth into it, but really, there's no way I could top Wondah's wonderfully insightful and explanatory Fan Post on the situation.

Donc, enough for today. For me, and for you. I'm spending the whole day out, and I recommend you do, too. Certainly better than sitting here reading up on exactly how badly the Lakers suck. Go out, have fun, and live life. Come back around the Second Round or WCF, and the Lakers will be waiting for you, hopefully pumped up.


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